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Common problem

common problem

1. Are all the products genuine?

Adhering to the consistent rigorous attitude, we strictly control the origin, craftsmanship, and raw materials of the products, and strive to help consumers get the best quality products. You can buy with confidence.

2. How is the order delivered?

According to the location of the customer and the size and weight of the product, the logistics distributor is selected to ensure a high-quality user experience. Currently, optional express delivery is not supported, and the specific logistics information can be checked in the [Customer Center] after the order is successfully placed. You can also keep the order number, ask online customer service, and track commodity logistics information in real time.

3. How long will my package be delivered?

We will deliver the order within 10-15 working days after the order is successfully paid. The specific delivery time depends on the express delivery time.

4. How to free shipping?

For the total price of a single purchase (excluding shipping costs) greater than or equal to $899 (Taiwan Dollar), we provide one free delivery service.

5. Is there any color difference between the actual product and the picture?

The product photos are all taken in kind, and the colors are proofread by the designer. Due to the differences in different computer monitors, light, and brightness, slight color differences are unavoidable.

6. Can the order information be modified after the order is placed?

Before confirming the checkout, the user can modify the receiving information in the order details page, and the modification result is subject to the actual page modification prompt.

After confirming the checkout, if you want to change the receiving information, please contact the online customer service and provide the correct receiving information within 24 hours after placing the order.

Note: As long as you contact customer service within 24 hours and provide the correct receiving information, it means the acceptance is successful.

More than 24 hours, because the goods have entered the warehouse stocking and packaging system, the receiving information cannot be changed. beg to be excused.

7. Instructions for Return and Exchange

Customers can apply for returns and exchanges online within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods. More than 7 days, no return or exchange application will be accepted.

Note: The above time limit is a hesitation period, not a try-on/trial period, so the goods you return must be brand new and fully packaged.

Note: As long as you contact the online customer service within 7 days and provide the required information for the return and exchange, it means that the application has been successfully accepted.


Please provide the following information for return:

1. Order name and phone number and parcel photo;

2. Provide actual shots of the products received;

3. Your account name, account bank code, branch name, text version of your account number, and bank account book photo.

For non-quality problems, if you apply for a return, a handling fee of NT$100 will be charged; if you apply for a replacement, a handling fee of NT$60 will be charged.

Note: The returned goods need to be sent back by the user and bear the freight incurred.

8. After the goods are shipped, will there be a charge for rejection?

After the goods are shipped, the return logistics costs caused by rejection of non-commodity quality issues shall be borne by the user.

9. Violating order processing rules

In order to protect legitimate rights and interests, once it is discovered that the following malicious swiping of orders and coupons (including but not limited to the following behaviors) exists:


Malicious batch brushing of coupons through machine means, and placing an order for purchase;

Use software, technical means or other methods to place orders for products, coupons, discounts, freight or other benefits;

The behavior of swiping orders was repeated many times.


The user promises that he voluntarily accepts one or more of the following operations on the order in violation:

cancel order;

Not shipped

Intercept and recover orders that have been out of the warehouse and shipped;

Pause or prevent subsequent purchases;

​Other control measures deemed necessary.

Note: For orders in violation of these rules, such as cancellation, non-delivery, etc., no compensation or compensation will be provide